42 thoughts on “Kentucky vs Virginia Tech Football Bowl Game 12 31 2019

  1. And this is why Kentucky never plays VT. Too close to home and just strong football all around. Oh….C. A. T. S. I went to UK my good friend went to VT and if you ask him the greatest game he ever seen he’ll tell you when Kentucky beat #1 LSU. He even stormed the field. Lynn Bowden is the mac daddy.

  2. Let me say what on everyone's mind. You cant get more awkward than having a woman call a football game, especially when she tries to sound tough. WTF.

  3. VT should of ask for a review on the fumble on KY last drive and they would of won the game. Clearly the VT player stripped the ball before Bowden fell down. And if you say they blew the whistle for and stopped the play, then why did they mark the ball where Bowden fell forward on the 23 yrd line. VT should of ask for a review. I am shocked this wasn't reviewed.

  4. Thank God I can stream those old Pat Summerall and John Madden football 🏈 games way before feminism, when it’s was okay to be a MAN.
    When women wanted to annoy us back then, they would just go stand in front of the TV. LOL 😆 remember that?

  5. Can we ALL agree this "women can do everything a man can do" nonsense has met its Waterloo with Beth Mowins calling men's football games? The collective commentary regarding her performance is overwhelmingly in favor of never having to hear her over emphatic, try-hard voice ever again…."FIRST DOOOOOWWWWWNNN…."

  6. Kentucky (Wildcats) Belk bowl winners. New Democratic Governor. Now vote Amy McGrath for Senate. Get Moscow Mitch and his corrupt wife Elaine Chao out of politics!!! Go Kentucky!

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