43 thoughts on “The Walton's Christmas movie, the homecoming

  1. this is not the John Walton I remember…when did this guy play him? Was this the original guy? I watched The Waltons and remember him as dark haired. And this is not the mother I remember either.

  2. I never did like this movie! I might've liked it if all the right characters were on it. But the parents never gave me that feeling of wanting to watch it (I skimmed through it at one point, but I don't think I ever did see the whole movie). I never understood why they kept Ellen Corby and the kids and replaced everyone else.

  3. I love this old movie. I know why it is easy for it to become a weekly show. I just love the tv mom/dad so much better! I know they did a great job for this movie and she said they didn't ask her to. She came off as much too harsh with the black hair and harsh tones. Michael Lerned was so much better with the tv show dad. I hate that he is even gone now.

  4. I just noticed Cleavon Little was in this. He also was in the 3rd or 4th season as a traveling preacher. Those were the 2 episodes you heard the name of Jesus. People thought of this as a Christian show.

  5. Funny how they even used wholesome films/shows like the Walton's to
    brainwash people. The hallmark channel was a favorite until I started
    to notice that in commercials & in the newer movies they have subliminal
    programming messages. Notice how Grandma says Jesus was born on
    Christmas? Well he wasn't–that was the SUN-god, Nimrod's son, Tammuz'
    birthday but we've been programmed to believe otherwise, w/shows like
    this confirming it!!

    They celebrate his birth with the tree, what we call a Christmas Tree, but
    it has nothing to do with Jesus or his birth. It was impossible for Jesus
    to be born in Dec because it was too cold for the shepherds to be in the
    fields. Again, we've been taught to believe Jesus was born in a stable &
    that too, is not true.

    If you believe in Jesus, you believe in the Bible. So if you read the Bible
    you will know that it does not say WHEN exactly he was born & yet we
    all believe it was Dec. 25th–the same day as a pagan god–because we
    taught this down through the generations!! The Bible says Jesus was
    6 months younger than his cousin John the Baptist. Using calculation
    when John was born, the best date for the birth of Jesus would be in
    the month of August. We're also taught there was no room at the INN,
    and he was born in a stable & that is not mentioned in the Bible. It's a
    man-made story that again, has been taught through generations. The
    3 WISE MEN being Kings is also made up. The scripture says that the
    …..wise 'men'…..making no mention that there were 3, but we know it
    was more than one because 'men' is plural, but also, the scripture says
    nothing about them being KINGS.

    Is there any harm in celebrating his birth & putting up a tree to celebrate
    as they did for the SUN gods child? I have no clue but people should at
    least have the truth to help them decide for themselves. This is why it's
    so important to study the Bible–even churches celebrate the birth on
    Dec 25 & use Christmas trees but their actions are between them & God.

    Santa spells Satan if you move the letters around…..adding Santa to the
    holiday is also very telling. Most of our history that we've been taught
    since the Biblical days, is a lie. Switching up the truth about Christmas
    is no surprise either. Some people think we've had a real government
    in America since the constitution but that isn't so. The U.S. helped to
    create a global political org in 1889 in Paris and then in 1904, Congress
    proposed a NWO to them. Since that time, the U.S. has been deeply
    involved in the push for a global society while leading us into believing
    they care about American values.

    So many lies have deceived so many hearts & minds for so long.

  6. I grew up on a farm in Western Canada not much different than this, and the one Christmas gift I remember the most was a pair of socks given by one of my uncles. I can still see him standing at the door of our farmhouse giving me this small package. I think it was because it was so unexpected, and after all these years I'm reminded it's not so much the size or the cost of the gift, but the thought behind it and from whom it came. Back in the 1950's and 60's I doubt those socks cost much more than .50 cents. Merry Christmas everyone and may the love of Jesus fill your heart and your home.

  7. aaah, watching for old time's sake, when I was young & life was simpler and I was fit & strong I still remember my Dad changing each of the bulbs in turn with a new one to find the dud one so they would light up, and pretty but very breakable glass ornaments, opening my stocking presents…

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