16 thoughts on “Rian Johnson wants to direct a season 2 episode of ‘The Mandalorian’

  1. Something that people need to understand is that television directing is VERY different than movie directing. When directing a movie you’re essentially the head boss with an enormous amount of creative control. For the most part whatever you say, happens. Meanwhile when directing a TV episode you’re ultimately just another cog in the machine. Your actual influence is severely limited due to the showrunner having the final say on what happens

  2. I wish he could just make more original movies like Knives Out rather than be forced to make bland Disney content

  3. After watching Knives Out, I really want him to stick to writing his own scripts and directing new movies with original premises.

  4. Well if people are just throwing the names out there let it be known that I Donkey_Leg also would like to direct an episode

  5. The only new director we need for season 2 is Werner Herzog himself.

    Edit: Holy Canole! I don’t really post things for the upvotes but WOW! thanks everyone, glad so many people love Werner Herzog as much as me 😀

  6. I hated TLJ, but people whose opinions I respect have said that Knives Out is good.

    Good for him, but I honestly think his biggest problem was telling a story as part of a LARGER STORY.

    I could totally see him being good at directing a standalone story. But, if I were Disney, I would keep him away from a franchise that has so much lore and continuity to keep track of.

  7. I was surprised to read Bryce Dallas Howard at the ending (episode 4) credits as director. I guess she’s following in her father’s steps.

  8. The article above this one was about Boris Johnson so naturally I misread this title. I really thought Boris was going all out for a second there.

  9. I didn’t enjoy TLJ, and I didn’t like his take on Star Wars so I’d rather they just kept him away from this for now. Star Wars fans seem to be coming together again thanks to this new content, I’d rather it stayed that way!

    Rise of Skywalker: *Heavy breathing starts*

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