White House says impeachment hearings amounted to a 'bunch of nothing'

White House adviser on impeachment Pam Bondi hits back at the ‘sham court’ on ‘America’s Newsroom.’ #FoxNews

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48 thoughts on “White House says impeachment hearings amounted to a 'bunch of nothing'

  1. if Trump did the same as creepy Joe Biden holding funds till Ukraine did what he wanted them to do then the DEMS would have a case but Trump didn't but CREEPY JOE BIDEN did it's time to investigate BIDEN and i'm sure he did more time to find out i'd say..

  2. Correct , Holmes said Sondland said "doesn't give a #**# (expletive)" … in other words Holmes testified of Sondland's opinion … and that clip of Holmes speaking was taken from his opening statement , if you want to get the entire picture of that tid bit listen to Holmes responses when being questioned about it by the Republican side … you will come away with an entirely different impression !!!

  3. They say these people are witnesses. Witnesses to what ? They wouldn't even be allowed in a court of law since all they have is hearsay and opinion. That is not admissible in court. Case dismissed. Fire all the Democrats and the media.

  4. All the way down here in New Zealand we can see this sham for what it is

    Deflection & projection for what Democrats did

    Election fraud
    Spying on a legitimately elected President
    Covering up Clinton's crime
    Falsifying FISA court

    List is endless

    Democrats proved and insisted on the horrific dishonor and danger to our nation and the world to have a president that would manipulate world leaders with "quid pro quo" for his benefit. Republicans with President Trump agree.

    Democrats prove the importance of investigating Joseph and Hunter Biden and Burisma, both for our nation and the Ukraine. Vice President Joe Biden bragged, confessing on television his "quid pro quo" threatening to withhold a billion dollars aid to Ukraine unless they fire someone investigating Burisma which employed his son, Hunter; and the man was fired and the investigation closed.

    Democrats tried to shield Vice President Joe Biden, a current presidential candidate for 2020 elections, by removing the Republican candidate, President Trump, through impeachment, but it is divine-judgment that actually shows injustice and possible corruption revealing Democrats embrace and vote for a candidate that admitted on television his "quid pro quo;" but feel responsible to remove the present president and candidate for 2020 election for their impression that he was seeking to benefit himself, refusing to connect helping to end corruption in Ukraine before releasing US taxpayer funds to Ukraine, which is his duty.

    SEE FULL POST at Divine-Way com

  6. Trµmp an anti-corruption candidate 😂. He has lied more than 13,500 times and why did he let Rick Perry force the Ukraine government to make an energy deal with one of his financial backers?

  7. If Trµmp wants to defend himself, let him stop blocking direct witnesses and Trump supporters, Mick Mulvaney, Rick Perry, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo to testify. Or something to hide maybe 😂?

  8. This is where everything comes out in public. The Shiff Circus is a Kangaroo Court. The Prime witness is hiding, you can’t try without a prime accuser. Nunes List of witnesses denied from the Hearing, Kangaroo Court.
    Attorney Durham has the final say. Real Court, Real Judge, Real Grand Jury, Real Evidence, Realm Witnesses, Nice and Legal, not a Shiff Show based on hearsay. In the line of Fire. FBI, CIA, NSA, Schiff, FISA Court. Joe and Hunter Biden, Obama, and bureaucrats that think they know better. Prime witness missing, Nunes witness list denied. Sham trial.
    Now let’s get the real show on the road.

  9. It's a relief to see The White House getting intelligent women on this ridiculous hearing. This woman is great. Just what Trump needs more of. Smart brilliant women who can see what's at stake for all of us. How in the name of God does a crack head get away with this crap. God Bless Donald Trump

  10. Looks like Americans are divided more than ever.
    One side is fox news.
    Other one is cnn, almost all late night shows,etc.

    Choose one of them and defend yourself with their stories. Don't care about the facts.✌️

  11. Why can't people see the connection between the Koch foundations that own and run the Republican Party, Fox news and Russia? All three do not seem to care about Russian interference in our country, why? The reason I say this is the powerful all pervasive Koch foundations do not bring up the subject of Russian interference, and Murdoch's Fox vehemently deny any reports or investigations of Russian interference. It is my observation that they are both tied in in some way with R…ussia. If we look at the disastrous bind we are in as a math problem and we are able to subtract the Koch foundations and Fox from the equation, what would we have? The answer is a functioning congress to address real threats to our democracy and a governing body that would come up with solutions in a bipartisan way. I keep warning everyone who cares to look at the connection between the Koch foundations, Murdoch’s Fox news and Russia. I believe the solution out of the dilemma we are in is exposing the connection between the three mentioned.

  12. Just read the transcript and look at the evidences. Investigate Biden if you want, but Trump has obviously enforced Zelinsky and Ukraine into corruption, and the president Trump must be put out of office, independently of what Biden did or not. If Trump was innocent, he would not ask anyone to disobey to the subpoena.

  13. If 12 person Jury was picked w/ Independents, Dems and Republicans by proportion:

    Independents = 5

    Republicans = 3

    Democrats = 4

    I really think the Democrats do not take this into consideration when their 100% bias predetermined decisions keep coming from their 4 jurors vs. the 8 that make the proper decisions based on facts. 8 vs. those 4 is all you need to know to figure it out.

  14. Trump was likely born with a susceptibility to behavioral problems and while his father's wealth no doubt insulated him from much of what he found troubling…it also seemed to prevent him from resolving his difficulties. What we have today is essentially an insecure, needy adult with a dependency on a child's underdeveloped temperament. Pity and understanding isn't an answer here. Our country and the future of all in it are at stake. The GOP has no right to insist we continue to shoot ourselves in the foot. Eventually the toxicity will bring us ALL down.

  15. I could never imagine the degree of corruption in a Republican administration and the degree of cowardice of Republican congressmen and senators. History will judge you severely

  16. a phone call on a insecure phone so Putin has all phone transactions, another quid pro quo he can you against the corrupt chosen one.
    got to get rid the big fish to fight corruption
    booga booga

  17. These Republican sycophants refuse to keep to the truth and facts. It is no wonder that Fox News viewers have skewed and false views. What is outrageous are the outright lies and false narratives, like those from Pam Bondi, that only serve to mislead and indoctrinate the Trumpers. If you insist on watching Fox, watch and listen to Chris Wallace or Judge Andrew P. Napolitano. Your knowledge will still be limited, but it will be correct. We should be Americans first and party second or third, but cult following Trumpers are oblivious to the truth.

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