Trump impeachment inquiry: Day 5 highlights

The final testimony of this week’s impeachment hearings came from Fiona Hill, former White House national security adviser who wrote the book on Vladimir Putin — literally — and David Holmes, a political counsellor at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine who overheard a pivotal conversation between U.S. President Donald Trump and Ambassador Gordon Sondland.

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39 thoughts on “Trump impeachment inquiry: Day 5 highlights

  1. Fiona Hill is a 'fact witness' that had been terminated months before this call took place. She, like every other witness in this case, was only able to give conjecture and opinion as her testimony. Then, David Holmes actually used the 'telephone game' in real life. He claims to have overheard PORTIONS of a conversation between the President and Sondland over the phone, in a restaurant. No tape of the call exists, of course. These were the two witnesses today, two people with zero first hand knowledge or proof of anything relevant.

  2. So they had a bureaucratic turf war with the President because the un-elected managerial elite consider it their sole purview to make policy and work very hard to find an elected politician who will play along with their wishes. That's not Trump … and that's why they are all in a tizzy and are doing their best to get him impeached..

  3. There is no doubt Trump along with Guiliani, Pompeo, Mulvaney, Barr, Pence, and several others have under mind the Government of the United States of America for his own personal gain. If Trump were innocent he wouldn't try to stop people from testifying to prove his Innocence. Russia is involved in it all. Everybody knows if Trump, were innocent he would have billboards yelling it out to the world. Knowing his personality.

  4. Now likewise I will take three issues that have happened in the past.
    1. Hong Kong people had been protesting for over four months but the Beijing government had left them alone.
    2. The US Democratic Party has held an impeachment on Mr. Trump.
    3. on November 15, 2019 the US Democratic Party began the impeachment session on Mr. Trump. and then on November 18, 2019, the Beijing government began to persecute Hong Kong protesters

    I will link the facts together and through that I follow the same path the US Democratic Party used to accuse Mr. Trump of bribing the President of Ukraine. I accuse the Democratic Party of taking Chinese money to organize an impeachment on Mr. Trump, keeping Mr. Trump busy with the impeachment so he cannot interfere with the Chinese persecution of Hong Kong protesters.
    The US Democratic Party is fully responsible for the bloody situations that Hong Kong protesters suffer. Because this is caused by the dirty, disgusting imposition that the Democratic Party tries to hold an impeachment without the most important evidence.
    All the denials of the US Democratic Party's responsibility for the torture, beatings and arrests of Hong Kong protesters prove that the US Democratic Party is deprived of humanity, conscience, cold-blooded with all they have done

  5. The burden of proof republicans are demanding right now would leave the prisons near empty. When all the top guys who were actually working in/on Ukraine (including a Trump stooge, Sondland) are saying "yes, this is what we were doing" and the transcript is there in black and white, it takes an incredible degree of tribal instinct to convince yourself its all hearsay.

  6. This is just outrageous. Wasting time and tax payers money. Someone is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. And he said she said doesn’t get someone to be considered “guilty”, facts do. All politicians are corrupt. Every single one of them. Why don’t they focus on who killed Epstein.

  7. Real cute hearing about being “Americans” but republicans know Russia got trump in which is why they won’t do anything with laws to prevent it. I’m sure after trump is gone they will be pushing for it…open you eyes people

  8. OMG… TRUMP 2020 in a landslide!!!!!

    These Dems are just pathetic. LOL Theres a description for children who make things up like this… for adults it is a recognised mental condition.

    WOW- Trump may just win the 2020 election in the largest landslide ever!!!!!!! I dont know any more African Americans who are voting Dems anymore.

    These black leaders and the Black Vote party is going to help Trump win with record highs.

    Peace and Economic NOBEL PRIZES coming your way Trump 🙂

  9. DAY 5 "HIGHLIGHTS" Ambassador Hill testified to absolutely nothing that had anything at all to do with the matter at hand.
    Mister Holmes had to continue looking at his notes to see what Adam Schitt told him to say.
    Adam Schitt got really angry because he had to admit to himself that his entire Schitt show has been exposed as a farce.

    To sum up day 5 – The Democrats accomplished nothing they wanted to do.

  10. The Rats are Eating Your Meat – They Started Down at Your Feet

    They Live in Your House – They Sleep in Your Bed

    And Soon They'll Take Over Your Head.

    Vote – Bernie (c)1968 age 14 – MFG Vote – Bernie

  11. Well… this impeachment hearing didn't have a single "witness" with any evidence for bribery, or unethical quid pro quo against President Trump. The Dems are disgusting… especially, Schiff for Brains.

  12. After Trump and others attacked, intimidated and threaten the Whistle-Blowers, Schiff decided protecting the Whistle-Blower come first.  The Whistler-Blower has been correlated by several witnesses and even witnesses who were on the 7/25/2019 call.  Plus, others testified Bolton stated the White House visit (which still hasn’t taken place) and releasing the Ukraine Military Aid (which was released after Trump got caught) was on the conditions that Zelensky make a public announcement about investigating Joe Biden.

    In 2017 during a Press Conference, Putin pushed the conspiracy theory that Ukraine interfered in the
    2016 election and not Russia, which has been defunct by America Intelligence Agencies, which reports to this day Russia is actively trying to interfere in the 2020 election.  Followed by Trump sending his personal lawyer, Rudy to push Putin’s defunct narrative and a Bidens investigation.

    The Republicans claim Hunter didn’t have the experience to be on the board of Burisma.  While completing ignoring Ivanka, who used personal email for government business on hundreds of occasions in 2017 and Jared were giving government jobs by Trump.  Ivanka’s and Jared’s roles in the administration are highly unusual and have raised concerns about the violation of federal nepotism rules.  Other concerns include the wide policy portfolios they have been given despite a lack of expertise or background in those issues.

    Trump froze Ukraine Military Aid for 55 days after Congress approved the funds due to Ukraine efforts for getting rid of corruption, first by honoring the US and European Leaders wishes by firing corrupted Shokin. Then Trump released the Ukraine Military Aid 2 days after learning the House publicly announced they would start an investigation into the Whistle-Blower Complaint.

    The alleged crime isn’t Zelensky making the announcement about investigating the Bidens and the US 2016 election to get their Military Aid. The alleged crime is Trump asking for the announcement as a condition for a WH visit (which still hasn’t taken place) and releasing of Military Aid (which was released after Trump got caught) in the first place.

    Devin Nunes (R) have purported ties to indicted Rudy associate, Parnas. Per Parnas lawyer, Ed Macmahon reported that Parnas helped arrange meetings and calls for Nunes in 2018. Which make Nunes a fact witness.

    Bolton, Perry, Mulaney, Pompeo all refuse to honor their subpoenas, so I wonder if they or others will do the same with the Senate, if the House votes to impeach Trump?

  13. Ha Ha Ha > Now that the Adam Sh ……..T Clown Show is winding down, we can move onto the facts, and real corruption. Better Hurry up Demorats & Drive by media >>> Horowitz, Barr & Durham are coming ! Now this is going to be fantastic, popcorn watching fun ! ……. LMFAO !


    GOP/Fox: "Democrats only called witnesses who attacked Trump! Not one defense witness testified!"

    Democrats: "We subpoenaed them…we asked them to testify."

    GOP/Fox:  "They're not going to participate in your sham inquiry!"


    GOP/Fox: "All our defense witnesses have said it never happened!"

    Democrats: "All the witnesses under oath said it did. Why not have your defense witnesses testify under oath?"

    GOP/Fox: "They're not going to particip–"

    Democrats: "Yes, right, we know."

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