Control Your Website – Advantages of a CMS

Control. Updated Content. Flexibility. All highly desirable features many business owners long for when referring to their website. No one wants to have to deal with needing to quickly update their website with breaking news and having to rely on contacting their designer(s) to have it updated. It takes time, effort and typically, money, every time an update needs to occur.

So how would one avoid the hassle of updating content on their website if they don’t know a lick of HTML, CSS, PHP or any other random acronym?

Let’s examine the upsides of a CMS, or Content Management System, and find out how!

Here are 3 reasons why a CMS is perfect for your website:

Joomla – An Open-Source Content Management System

1. Adaptability

Simply put, a Content Management System can deliver the sort of control and adaptability you need. Websites and brands in general need to adapt to changing economic and consumer climates. Understanding what your target audience finds engaging and informative are keys in today’s age of analytics, reports, segmentation, A/B testing, and loads of other information-driven resources.

Being able to alter content and messages based on the information you learn from your target audiences is key.

Content Management Systems provide a easy-to-use backend interface where a user with little to no coding knowledge can make drastic alterations to their website’s content.

WordPress for iPhone

2. Edit Content On the Go

Most Content Management Systems have mobile versions of their backend interface. These mobile options allow for quick and easy content modifications and updates on the go.

Stuck in traffic and needing to make that important news announcement on your website? Sitting in the terminal and no easy way to access your laptop? No problem.

Whip out your modern smartphone of choice, fire up your CMS’ application and shoot off those updates!

3. Schedule Content

A CMS allows for scheduling when new content should be added or updated.

Planning on being on vacation for 2 weeks in Hawaii? No problem. Plan your content updates ahead of time and schedule them to run while you’re away. One content update the first day you’re away. Another on the 3rd day. Another on the 6th. You get the idea.

Your CMS will handle it from there. So, enjoy drinking that coconut milk from frosted glasses with umbrellas.

4. Content Is Stored in a Database

Another advantage of a CMS is that the content input into the system is stored in a database, allowing you to backup old content and refer to it again should you need to use information in other media or applications.

So, hopefully when considering a new website design, you’ll take into consideration how advantageous putting a little extra time and effort into using a Content Management System for your website’s backend could be.

Til next time!

Source by Keith Goolsby

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