7 Tips On How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend

It's never easy to break up with someone we love but when the relationship starts to sour, prolonging it will only bring unhappiness to you and your partner. In this article, I'm going to share some tips on how to break up with your girlfriend.

1. One And Done

When initiating the break up, make sure it is going to be a clean break. Do it once and be over with it. It may be tough but dragging the process merely extends the pain for both parties. End any lingering hope that the relationship can still be saved. It may be difficult to be firm but sometimes, being firm is perhaps the best way to break up.

2. Do It In Person

Never ever break up with your girlfriend through a text message or social networking sides. Respect your girlfriend (after all, you loved her) and build up the courage to do it face to face. If it is impossible to meet face to face, you could break up over the phone, which can be a good way to break up as it gives your girlfriend some space to deal with the news alone.

3. Choose A Good Location

If you're going to break up with your girlfriend, she probably needs a private space to deal with the news. Never break up in public places or around other people. Emotional outbursts usually follow after breakups and you do not want your girlfriend to lose control in public. Choose a location where there is privacy and permits the outburst of emotions that will almost certainly follow.

4. Timing

Choose an appropriate time to break up with your girlfriend. For example, you should never break up with your girlfriend on her birthday or just before the final exams. Show respect to her by choosing the best time for her to handle the news (although there never can be a best time). Also, initiate the break up when your girlfriend is rather calm. Breaking up with your girlfriend at a time when she is furious would only bring more unnecessary pain to both parties.

5. Plan The Duration Of Your Breakup

Before breaking up with your girlfriend, I recommend planning the duration of the entire process. Think about how long the process may take so you can set aside some time in your daily schedule. Also take into consideration the schedule of your girlfriend. If she only has a 30 minute lunch break and your break up may take up to an hour, you probably would have to choose another time. Doing so also gives you an excuse to leave after making your point as you could say something like: "I've to go. I'm meeting Johnson in 15 minutes"

6. Tell Your Girlfriend First

Let your girlfriend be the first person to know of your intention to break up with her. Never tell any of your friends beforehand unless they are very trustworthy. As devastating as it is to undergo a break up, it is even more painful to hear of a break up from other sources other than yourself.

7. Practice

With all these tips on how to break up with your girlfriend, you would still need to practice in order to have a clean break up. Practice what you are going to say beforehand, her possible reactions and your response to these reactions. Consider every possible scenario that may occur during the actual break up and how you can handle such scenarios.

Breaking up is never a pleasant thing to do but it is my hope that with these tips, this bitter process can be sweetened for both you and your girlfriend.

Source by Vincent Kyle Ng

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