Do Bananas Make the Penis Grow? True Facts Revealed

So many men wonder whether bananas make the penis grow. Eating bananas is very good for providing physical stamina, you sometimes see sports men and women involved in rigorous sporting activities constantly eating bananas. This helps to boost their energy levels.

In general a healthy diet of fruit can only help to make you more healthier and is much better than eating junk food. However, the honest truth is that by eating a bunch of bananas daily will not help to make your penis grow. It is possible that this is a rumour that has just spread like wild fire.

Thousands of men all over the world would like to get a bigger penis. This is really not surprising as most women do prefer men with a bigger penis. As it increases their sexual pleasure. The good news is that there are ways to increase penis size.

The 3 main ways to increase the size of your penis that are proven to really work are

1. Penile surgery is a medically recognised method to enlarge penis size. However it can cost anything from $3,000 – $10,000. Apart from being very expensive it can be a very risky procedure.

2. Penile exercises is another method that has been proven to work. This method requires dedication and patience on your part as you need to perform the exercises daily to achieve results. You also need to be extremely careful when doing each exercise, so that you do not harm and damage your penis. This method is mainly for men that have a lot of spare time, doing the exercises can be very tiresome as it takes a while to get any results.

3. Penis enlargement pills is a medically proven safe and effective way to increase the length and girth of your penis size permanently. Most men prefer this method as it is fast acting and requires no effort from you, apart from taking the pills. The best enlargement pills contain only 100% natural ingredients and no artificial elements, so they have no side effects. There are some that are so effective that you only need to take the pill once a day unlike others that need to be taken 2-3 daily. Most pill users start to notice a more muscular and heavier feel to their penis within a week or two.

There is no need to wonder whether bananas make penis grow as it should be clear by now what does make it grow. Most women will be secretly excited whenever they see the new improved you.

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