Trump impeachment trial may complicate Democratic presidential race

If the House of Representatives impeaches President Trump, the Senate would hold a trial on the charges – complicating campaign plans for Democratic senators who are running for president. CBS News special correspondent Alex Wagner interviewed California Senator Kamala Harris about the possible trial for Showtime’s “The Circus,” and Wagner joined CBSN to discuss the impeachment inquiry.


21 thoughts on “Trump impeachment trial may complicate Democratic presidential race

  1. LMFAO!!! These democraps have guaranteed my potus is remembered for centuries to come. As the first potus to survive a coup… Beat an impeachment and still get reelected for a second term, LMFAO!
    I wonder how much room we have left on Mt. Rushmore, lmao…

  2. “High crimes and misdemeanors”. What are considered such misdeeds worthy of something as overtly political and divisive as a government overturning the will of the country? And does it threaten the institution of our republic? Based on what has been released by the White House, the testimonies released, and what’s been released by the media, I don’t see any evidence that what Trump did qualifies for any of that, especially when there is a chance for the American people to weigh in directly on the removal of the President next year.

  3. Well, considering that Marie Yovanovitch just committed perjury, lying under oath in an "impeachment" hearing. And that the "whistleblower" Eric Ciaramella, was directly on Joe Biden's payroll, and assisted Clinton on fabricating evidence for the FISA warrants. I don't think these hearings are going to last much longer. No wonder why they wanted to keep them secret, because to hold these hearings in public would mean implicating Schiff and the Bidens in their rolls to extort Ukrainian energy companies. However, these hearings just gave federal investigators probable cause for the investigations that will lead to the indictments of Schiff, Joe and Hunter Biden. I think the Democrats in congress' plan completely backfired.

  4. It’s funny how the Republicans in the comments are neglecting the factual information in front of them. Yes Trump has made great strides, he’s done some good and he’s done some bad. The facts are, Trump pressured Zelenski into investigating the Bidens for his own personal gain in regards to the 2020 Presidential Election. Our President literally solicited aid from a foreign nation to dig up information against another possible candidate. It’s a damn shame that you have so much to say but you’re avoiding the facts. Read. The. Transcript.

  5. Adam Schiff's staff already outed the whistle blower when they uploaded the Bill Taylor transcript. Page 236, Line 7
    Schiffty strikes again…………….who are you going to blame now?

  6. 🔴🌟🔴🌟🔴🌟🔴🌟🔴🌟🔴🌟

  7. I really regret NOT having an additional FOUR YEARS under the Democratic Rule.I was actually beginning to look forward to LIVING IN THE STREETS,as so many Californians seem to be content with.Secondly ,AM I MISSING SOMETHING? What there actually saying here ,(AND THAT'S COSTING US MILLIONS) is President Trump ,IF GUILTY of what the Democrats are accusing him of .Essentially told the leader of the Ukraine to FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED with the interference in" OUR ELECTIONS"or you won't get American Aid.Forgive me if I missed something here.Biden did it and admitted and joked about it on camera WHERE was all the SHOCK from the DEMOCRATS ? We the American people have had MILLIONS of our TAX DOLLARS wasted on FRIVOLOUS INVESTIGATIONS,which by the way have yielded nothing.NOT "ONE DAMN BILL, has been presented in the past THREE YEARS by Democrats, to AID or IMPROVE the life of ANY Americans.ALL THE DEMOCRATS LEGISLATION has focused on overturning the results of the LAST PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.This I wouldn't even mind if in some way it would actually benefit Americans.Actually whether the Liberals want to admit it or NOT, all this CRAP is only being done to insure these ELITIST politicians can maintain their wealth and power.

  8. As a former Democrat, I'll be voting for Trump in 2020. The Democrats are becoming socialist and haven't been doing their job. This impeachment crap is getting old and starting to backfire.

  9. Defending democracy is Not letting William Brennan and the spy corps, with the complicity of the MSM and DNC, overturn a valid election for lies, crapping on the Constitution. I was a Dem for 50 yrs and am not a Trumpist, but the absurd Russiagate Conspiracy Theory and Obama's corporatism and warmongering made me go Independent.

    If the spy corps gets to decide this election they will figure they know what's good for us from now on. That's the real danger to democracy.

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