Puerto Vallarta with the Trip Sisters | National Geographic

Explore Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with the Trip Sisters and see what makes this city so vibrant.
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Watch more of the Trip Sisters: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJG6Z1yF1wxbgwDNsr2x5uQ

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Puerto Vallarta with the Trip Sisters | National Geographic

National Geographic


26 thoughts on “Puerto Vallarta with the Trip Sisters | National Geographic

  1. Please can you show the Ashkenazi and Khazarian customs and traditions. Did they have no DNA link with Middle East true Jews. Seems they are not Semitic but Japhethics , they hijacked Semitic personality???

  2. Is this the production quality expected from NG contributors? What happened to "Explore Puerto Vallarta" and "see what makes this city so vibrant."? All you did was take a quick shot of the malecon and the rest was all about the bridge. I've lived in Vallarta for two years and know the city pretty well and this was a horrible representation of the city. It was basically an ad for the tour company. The tour company which has had numerous accidents and deaths due to poor equipment and supervision. I've always thought of shooting for NG as a goal of mine but didn't realize you didn't actually need to be good to contribute.

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