13 thoughts on “CNN The Lead with Jake Tapper 10/8/19 | CNN Breaking News Today Oct 8, 2019

  1. Seen the Games from the 60s!TRUMP got Elected by PEOPLE FED UP with the INSIDE the BELTWAY Antics that has ALL but Ruined the Middle Class in this Country!WAKE UP Guys!TRUMP IS Working for YOU these guys ARE NOT!

  2. Does tRump have enuf stooges in the military to surround the WH with tanks? He has them in major areas of our government and so far it's working out for him.

  3. No one needs to know, let alone has the right to know, the identity of the whistleblower. Throughout the entire Watergate investigation, no one knew who “Deep Throat” was. It wasn’t revealed until decades later. What matters is not who made the report, but whether what he or she reported is true. So far, everything the whistleblower said has been verified as true.

  4. Why do Jake Tapper and Amanda Carpenter say "WhatsApp" with a suspicious tone, like it's some super secret spy app? Everybody in Europe uses it…everybody! Also in the Middle East and further. Is WhatsApp so unusual in America?

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