45 thoughts on “Jake Tapper fact-checks Rep. Jim Jordan on Ukraine scandal

  1. Why does this keep going on and on. Maxine Waters, Al Green and others were calling for Trump's impeachment in 2017 the day he took office. Trump will NOT be removed because the Senate will never convict. This needs to stop. Adam Shiff is lying and making up phone calls and this will help Trump get reelected in 2020. Do you want 4 more years? Keep this up Democrats.

  2. Hey Jake Tapper Quit talking like your some expert and shut up !!! None of us care ABOUT your opinion . You sound like your in love with the whistle blower ! Why don't you blow a whistle your self . I'll be so glad when this is all over then you'll be looking like the fool you are . Some body should impeach you ! Ha ! You are a nobody !!!

  3. Let's not forget that Jordan knew about sexual abuse of athletes at Ohio State when he was a coach there but did nothing to stop it.

    That's a felony, little boy. You belong in prison.

  4. The President told the Ukraine leader to investigate WHY Biden threatened to withold MILLIONS from Ukraine IF Ukraine did NOT do what BIDEN forced them to do IF they wanted that $$$. No, The phone Schiff whistleblower did NOT have first hand knowledge! It's all a lie, like Russia collusion. It's an attempt to screw Americans out of their freedom to LAWFULLY elected the President of their choosing, and Trump out of the job HE WAS ELECTED TO DO!! There WILL BE WAR if they continue to be ENEMIES of America AND Americans. Stupid ignorant CNN LIARS! I'm not missing anything he says. You IGNORE THE TRUTH.

  5. Tapper, man you need a new source of information. Jordan is correct. You are so blindly biased and arguementative. Also Ukraine and u.s. have a mutual agreement concerning corruption that Clinton signed in 1997 or 99. Check it out. And YOU are the one changing narrative. You look confused. Get a grip, man.

  6. You morons need to follow John Solomon….a true reporter with real evidence not made up bull crap that CNN spouts!! Also Judicial Watch has uncovered a lot of stuff that this crooked station ignores!!

  7. Jim Jordan, dude you are a real conspiracy theorist. And a pure hypocrite too. He's trying to justify Hunter Biden making as much money as he was on a Ukranian board, yet Trump's kids are all over the place making money on trademarks and other stuff. Lol unbelievable how their mind works!

  8. Good lord that guy just runs on and on and on in every direction except the one that would actually answer the question. He is really digging deep to convince himself that jabba the trump isnt leading him astray.

  9. Can’t believe Jim Jordan is trying to argue that Joe Biden committed a crime because his son got paid $50k a month for a job. And even says that Hunter had NO experience at all in this field and gets $50k a month makes it a crime. My question to you Jim Jordan is… Why aren’t you screaming hell now about Trump getting a job as President with no experience at all in politics? Shouldn’t Jim Jordan be yelling that Trump committed a crime because he has no experience?

  10. I am not a Trump fan but I betcha my last dollar that if a Republican vice president had a son who was paid 50,000.00 a month by a foreign country, the Democrats would darn well think something was wrong with it!

  11. has anyone read the transcript….??? lol also it's biden they should be looking at i'm from the UK and cant believe the media there, shocking making out what biden did….trumps done lol….loook at biden even frigging urkraine as said trump hasn't pressured them but biden is on tape saying he did get the investigater sacked

  12. CNN is for clowns. How can people still listen to this news network after so many false allegations my God. There is literally no evidence to anything CNN points out. Just pure misleading stories for the past 3 years.

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