26 thoughts on “Cuomo revisits Trump supporters lying about Trump lying

  1. The pot calling the kettle?????? Imagine if he took a look back at how many lies have been told by him, the rest of the media and democrat politicians & their supporters? This does not change the fact that Trump supporters lie, but when the messenger has creditability issues and only calls out lies on one side of the isle, then his words ring hollow. His moral certainly and absolutism on this is just no different from what Hannity does night after night, only he does it on the opposite side. It's personal for these people, it's not about us the people. It's always about the "anchor's" ego and his certainty that he knows best, therefore it is his job to tell us all not just what was said, but exactly how we should interpret it.

  2. This is just the human race beginning to fall on it's face again as it has done since the very first group of humans learned to communicate with each other. The 20th century was full of hard lessons for humanity. Two world wars, a depression, a cold war and wars in Vietnam and Korea. The last of the global conflicts, WW2, ended close to 80 years ago. We're due again and the makings of a catastrophe are well under way. Those who are indifferent or ignorant of the past are doomed to repeat it. There is no shortage of ignorance in America today. Beginning with the man in the White House and the millions who put him there.

  3. Biden on tv bragging about his , his sons corruption ! And you dicks at cnn support left lies Z, say Russia Fredo ! Say Russia ! Tds. Douchebag Fredo ! TRUMP 2020 !! We’re patriots, cnn is deepstate whore. Soros sluts ! Take out all leftists at all cost, and bury !

  4. If I was a trump supporter (which thankfully I'm not) I'd be more afraid of God judging me and sending me to hell for supporting such a vile piece of crap like Donald Trump

  5. By God you are a expert on liers because you are the apex lair you and all your cronies at CNN MSNBC CBS and the others but I have to hand it to you y'all just make me laugh

  6. Cuomo looks like the kind of gentleman student sitting on the second line of the audience of the grade afraid of a sort not judge teacher of her knowing of the arbitrary zone she collects to move him out of its 3rd chair.

  7. Chris is already wrong. He just doesn't get it. Poor fellow, perhaps his sense humour lets him down. Kids in cages?. Poor fellow just can't grow up. He follows his own narrative and has blinkers believing that he will somehow win some glorious reputation.
    Crap Chris you just don't understand.

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