Trump’s 'no collusion' tactic, debunked

On Monday, President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani said “collusion is not a crime,” after months of his client insisting that there was “no collusion” between his 2016 presidential campaign and … Read More

How New York's Infamous Gold Bucket Thief Escaped the United States

Surveillance video of Julio Nivelo’s daring heist of a bucket of gold in Manhattan, first obtained by News 4 New York, was seen around the world. But, in his view, … Read More

SiyaSaat Episode #29 31 July 2018 |7News|

SiyaSaat Episode #29 31 July 2018 |7News| Comedy Show Subscribe 7 News ▻ Like FB Page ▻ … source

وفاة جد تاي من بانقتان اليوم 😢 – BTS –


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