Spectacular wildlife of Sri Lanka: Land of Lakes (Nat Geo WILD – Documentary)

Land of Lakes – Spectacular wildlife of Sri Lanka (Nat Geo WILD – Documentary)

This is spectacular documentary movie about plants and animals of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is one of the finest wildlife watching countries in South Asia. The island may be small in size, but the variety of habitats, and the wildlife found there, would do justice to a country many times its size. Even a visitor with only the most casual of interest can’t help but be overawed by the sight of great herds of elephants, enormous whales, elusive leopards, schools of dolphins, hundreds of colourful birds and reefs teeming with rainbow-coloured fish. The Sri Lankan tourism industry hasn’t been slow to cotton onto the country’s wildlife-watching potential and an impressive array of national parks, protected zones and safari options exist that allow anyone, from dedicated naturalist to interested lay person, to get out there with a pair of binoculars and make the most of the Sri Lankan wilderness.
Few places are a canvas for traveler’s fantasies quite like Sri Lanka. Although the island country has long been associated with crumbling Dutch forts and empty beaches, the civil war, which ran between 1983 and 2009, has seen it largely avoid attention from a tourist invasion.

Wild Sri Lanka

Nowhere else on earth is the power of water to create, shape and sustain life so dazzlingly evident as on the tiny oceanic island of Sri Lanka. Rising from the waves, it is a land where not one, but two monsoons mark time. A world where rains pour down, clouds swell, rivers flow, mists dance across the skies, frosts dust the highlands and thousands of man-made lakes form a curious wonderland filled with a wildlife that is strange, beautiful and utterly unique. In this series we will delve into the land of these breathtaking creatures – from the largest mammal on earth, the blue whale, to the smallest, the etruscan shrew – and discover how, from the moment Sri Lanka fractured from the southern supercontinent of Gondwanaland and was carried by the oceans to its present home – it has been an island which has been ruled by one unstoppable force: water. Until recently, a quarter of a century of civil war isolated Sri Lanka’s wildlife from the world. But now that war is over and Sri Lanka’s once-troubled waters are parting to reveal unseen ecological riches for the very first time. From the goliaths in its ocean depths to the little-known mysteries of its cloud-shrouded peaks, ‘Sri Lanka – Paradise in the Indian Ocean’ is a journey through an unseen ecological lushness found nowhere else on earth.

Land of Lakes

In the grasses of Sri Lanka’s scrub forests, a leopard stalks his prey. Here, food is plentiful, as populations of deer feed on the grass sustained by thousands of man-made lakes. These pools of blue are the centre of life on the flats of Sri Lanka. Because, as the monsoons recede and the sun scorches an otherwise parched land, these lakes nourish the land as sloth bears, painted storks, jackals, monkeys and some of the greatest concentrations of both mugger crocodiles and elephants to be found anywhere on earth swarm to their cool embrace…The earliest nature sanctuary on earth, this ancient hydraulic system creates a playground for the mega fauna of Sri Lanka, charismatic mammals whose abundance pays testimony to the awe-inspiring power of water over this tiny country’s rich wealth of natural history.


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