Does Trump Want to Redo 1953 CIA Coup in Iran?

Historian and author Ervand Abrahamian of Baruch College analyzes the recently revealed files on the CIA’s role in the 1953 Iran coup, as Trump officials and allies float the possibility of regime change in Tehran

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23 thoughts on “Does Trump Want to Redo 1953 CIA Coup in Iran?

  1. Why run the most popular politician in the country when you can run the most hated woman?

    DNC logic turns Orwell inside out.

    That's why the obvious is so damn obscure if you play their game.

    Or could our lovely bloody neolibs really be that out of touch?

    One way or another: you know it's true.

    And it really doesn't matter.

    Either way,
    if you play their game,
     you lose.

  2. is there a shah im iran ?
    can cia buy today iranian army generals ?
    do have american access to the Iranian officials ?
    is there any US embassy in teheran ?
    are the powerful revolutions guards are sitting around and do noting ?

    a lot of things changed since 1953
    The US is not able to remove castro cuban regime, weat do you Trump do in Iran what the other president in the last 40 years could not

  3. It wasn't just a coup in 1953 but US has numerous coups in Iran.
    1979 so called revolution was directly formed and funded by US.
    444 days hostage crisis with Iran was a show, directed by Republican party to topple president Jimmy carter and Iran was paid $52 million for it.
    The war between Iran and Iraq. and so many more.

  4. There was no Coup in 1953. Shah fired his prime minister. This is NOT a coup.

    There is nothing new and nothing incriminating in that report. Obama croonies who are still in the State Department published this to mislead and to come against anything that President Trump might do to God forbid help Iranians get rid of Ayatollah's. This is just to demonize US, whereas the 1953 events in iran and Mosadegh had little to do with the US and more to do with the Soviet interferene in Iran. Those who know Iranian history and the real truth of what happened have a total different view from the Karbalah of Mosadegh. US was just a bystander in those events and bear very little or no responsibility. Don't let the lefties make a demon out of America..

  5. surely, you mean the CIA coup of the 1970's i.e. when real revolutionaries were usurped when they ferried in non-Iranian Khomeni (previously, living in exile in France), along with his fully-armed 'revolutionary-guard' who immediately set about killing an estimated 250,000 Iranians ?

  6. 64 years ago we had a democracy, shame on USA, and England, what happened in the Middle East right now is because of the USA and England policy's in 1953 , those countries supporting all dictatorship systems in the world ,

  7. This channel needs to talk less about Iran and more about global news in general. You predicted a war between US-Iran 8 yrs ago it never happened. You did the same thing in 20011, then 2014, more videos in 2016 and still doing it in 2017… it's getting a bit suspicious at this point.

  8. The U.S. reason for conducting the coup in Iran was because of Mosaddegh relationship with the Tudeh party. Eisenhower was elected around the red scare and if Mosaddegh turned communist he would be looked at as if Eisenhower lost Iran like Truman lost China in 1949. The reason I say that It was more of Red scare paranoia instead of control of Oil Is because that the British asked President Truman to Help the British to conduct the Coup because the U.S. were better at this (the CIA conducted a coup in Syria in 1949 so we had more Covert Experience In Regime change than the British) . But Truman said No due to his sympathies with Iran at that time and the oil companies in the U.S. not even wanting Iran's Oil at that time Due to an high Overproduction in the Market.

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