42 thoughts on “David Duke Responds to CNN – Speaks to Trump & All Americans

  1. Many of us who are ex-patriots and Jewish and moved to Israel are now Republicans. The Democrat Jews can't cope with us either.
    For some retarded reason that I have never been able to understand, the Democrats have managed to convince the majority of American Jews that Republicans and conservative values are anathema and a danger to the safety of Jews. it's a fact that people like HRC and anti-2nd amendment activists are dangerous to the safety of the Jewish people and ALL Americans.
    I am so tired of these Democrats who run around the US spouting their progressive idiocies and then come abroad to Israel, Egypt, etc, and kiss terrorists' asses and then campaign to accept millions of potentially dangerous Muslim Fundamentalist immigrants to the United States. People like HRC are dangerous to the world.

    The Democratic party is the party of the KKK and always has been. The Democrats have managed to snow America, together with the media, that the Republicans are the racists. This is why they go out of their way to hammer, libel, slander and kill the reputations of men like Ben Carson, Bill Cosby, Allen West, etc. They only love their Democrat Uncle Toms, who hate America like they do. If Bernie Sanders had repented his political moronisms and run as a Republican they would have cursed him as well.

    As for your Palestinian comment, it's not based on fact. You forget that before 1948 anytime anyone in the world called someone a "Palestinian" they meant a JEW. There is no Arab Palestinian nation. Furthermore, ask any Arab Jerusalemite which government they prefer, and they are going to tell you they want the Jewish Israeli government that provides them health care, water, electricity and the safety of police not on the take. As for the idea that Arab "Palestinians" hate America because they associate you with Israel, that's BS. They hate America because you are not a Muslim nation and their goal is to Islamify you.

  2. americans should endorse the election of Donald Trump because he stands for americans first, and not for the zionist controlled media that blemish the truth every day. The same zionist controlled corporations who flood europe with moslem immigrants and want to destroy our european heritage and culture. I think George Soros knows what the Merkel Plan really is and stands for. David Duke is a beacon of truth for our european heritage. Time to wake up folks: How NATO linked Think Tanks Control EU Refugee Policy http://journal-neo.org/2016/04/27/how-nato-linked-think-tanks-control-eu-refugee-policy/

  3. the Neocon Zionists are promoters of all radical race conflict organizations in order to excellorate r progress civil unrest and division to concur. Zionists are the mainstream media, the progressives by Marxist economics and scientific Leninism for progression to Communism.

    Global dominance by one world governance under Zionist jewish authoritative control!!!

  4. Honestly this video blew my fucking mind because I've always assumed totally different I've never done the research I'm not gonna lie I never looked into it and this just feeds more into my hate of the liberal main Stream media

  5. About the second debate, regarding the matter if Trump fits for the first office, Cooper did a a great job there:

    Cooper: You bragged that you have sexually assaulted women. Do you understand that?

    Trump makes a very much lacking credibility apologize, and then talk about ISIS which it has as nothing to do with what he was asked (about if both candidates are having an appropiate behavior for the children watching)

    Cooper: Just for the record, though, are you saying that you did not actually kissed women without consent, grope women without consent?

    Trump: I have great respect for women. Nobody has more respect for women that I do (WTF!)

    Cooper: So for the record you are saying you never did that?

    Trump: I have said these things that frankly you hear these things I said…

    Cooper: Have you ever done those things?¨

    He doesn't feel offended by the acussations, he responds breafly, and it took three questions from the host to actually have him respond the important question: Have you ever done those things?

    The man is liying, no doubt about it. Get real the guy is a joke. I tell you as an outsider, we cannot believe he is still running for president of the most important country of the world. He is an ignorant and a clown

  6. Greetings from Malaysia David Duke! I am a Muslim and I fully support your views. I see nothing wrong with you wanting to maintain America as a white European American majority country, I see no racism in that. Every country in the world wants to maintain their ethnic majority; Japanese wants to maintain Japan as an ethnically Japanese majority country, not that they are anti-Korean anti anti-Chinese or anti-Korean. Koreans wants to maintain Korea as an ethnically Korean majority country. Even Singapore wants to maintain the country as a Chinese-majority country by importing Chinese from China though Singapore is actually part of the Malay World/Nusantara historically until overwhelmed by Chinese immigrants and their descendant due to British policy of dumping Chinese immigrants there. In Malaysia, we want to maintain ethnic Malays as majority vis-a-vis ethnic Chinese and Indians brought in by British colonialists, Arabs want to maintain Arab majority in every Arab country and so on. The US is basically a country founded by European Americans, so it is not right to turn European Americans into a minority..

  7. Not what I expected. where is the racism? I've never ever listened to Mr. duke until right now. and I see nothing wrong. except he was a klan member 40 years ago. but I decided to see just how. full of shit the media is. and yep they're really bad. I heard no racist comments on here.

  8. How exactly are people to respond to the evil machinations of George Soros without actually venting their pent-up anger?

    Ofcourse black lives are important and so are white lives! Even brown, red & yellow lives are important too. STOP playing with human lives George Soros, we don't need your NWO!

  9. CNN sent me over here. All CNN does is lie, so when they said Dr. David Duke is so bad Trump must disavow him, I thought…damn, he must be telling the truth about something!

  10. As long as they follow the constitution of the U S A we will be on the right track and no one who doesn't follow the constitution should not be elected to office, "We Want Direct Democracy" we the people, anti-state anti-war Pro-Market Economy and no foreign entanglements in other words follow Switzerland not Israel.


  12. i bet david has more members, he has one here, very smart man here, just like Trump, a good guy. but the media makes them look bad, we Americans see whats real,that is why Trump is the leader

  13. My question which you did not yet answer 10:54 seconds into this video is… WHY were you a part of the KKK to start with? Why would you be a part of that organization? And what made you leave? You need to focus on what people care about not to keep pointing fingers at other people… deal with your own issues and past first. Why were you ever in the klan? I am willing to give you an objective ear but you have NOT addressed what is important. Why join the klan? What did you do as a member of the KKK? OK I've heard you say something about the latter later in your video but I also want to know WHY you joined and what did you push when you were in the KKK? And why did you leave 40 years ago?

  14. It's really a tremendous disgrace and shame that they refer to you as someone who espouses 'white supremacy'. Just because you care about your race, you're a white supremacist! How pathetic can they be…… If you were black, and looked after those things that benefited the black race, nothing at all would be said. The hypocrisy is off the charts…
    I hope you continue with your efforts to give a voice to us, who have been stripped of our right to speak out for those things that benefit our race.

  15. Mr Duke has 40 years of showing more character, honesty, and actual concern for the American people. I challenge anyone to name any other politician that has done the same. Mr Duke has a blemish on his record 40 years ago. 99% of the politicians in power today have their hands covered in the blood of nations and their hands in your pockets robbing you daily, but you continue to vote for them and judge a man like David Duke. Shame on you America.

  16. This video is the epitome of exposing the disgusting media. David Duke completely dissects everything the media does. He should run for president, that would be the downfall of the media!

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