Rand Paul on Donald Trump's Surge of Popularity ( – )

Senator Rand Paul talks with Wolf Blitzerof CNNabout the recent surge in popularity of Donald Trump. Paul blames the national media for giving him 24/7 coverage these past few weeks. … Read More

Indian execution like a 'Hollywood courtroom drama'

Subscribe to France 24 now: F24.my/youtubeEN IN THE PAPERS : WORLD PAPERS – Fri. 31.07.15: Newspaper websites begin to react to an attack that left a … source

USA: Reactions After Clinton's Aquittal – 1999

The US Senate’s acquittal of President Bill Clinton on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice has been met with relief by many senators. The acquittal ends a 13-month drama … Read More


English/Nat President Clinton is taking steps to right a wrong by apologising to the black men whose syphilis went untreated because of a federal experiment. He is also seeking to … Read More

USA – KKK/Black Panther rally

T/I: 10:20:13 Small contingents from the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan organisation and black militants faced off on Saturday (27/06) in this small Texas town, … source

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