Football Hooligans – Leeds v Millwall – 2007

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49 thoughts on “Football Hooligans – Leeds v Millwall – 2007

  1. Seems to be a good “exercise” for boy in blue. So when a real riot kicks up they can anticipate certain patterns and deploy appropriate tactics and methods. In other news, hold my beer let me chuck something

  2. Can someone explain what the Hopligans are? Sorry I'm from the US, and it kinda feels like normal street gang stuff (bloods, crips etc).
    Are they just street gangs who REALLY like football?

  3. Sad little boys can't take there teams losing or even winning. Think the players give a shite if you get locked up for acting prats? No they sleep tight in their mansions. Sad as fuck

  4. there is nothing more disgusting and stupid in the european football as those fucking hollingan apes.. such an stupid football "culture", and all fucking european nations are tolerating.. spending millions of euros in police coverture. wha a shame

  5. śmiechu warte co tutaj jest pokazane i nie liczą się w Polsce każda chuliganka jest wysportowana i przygotowana a tu piwo,spaślaki i hamburgery czysta Anglia hahahah

  6. Fucking hell, how much did that lot cost? They should have taken those who smashed the coach and caused other criminal damage and made them pay.
    Anyone in a balaclava or hiding their face, pepper sprayed and identified. Coppers with shotguns loaded with rice to blast them. Tear gas. Fine them all so much they won't be able to afford football for years. If they can't pay force them to sell a kidney or a lung to someone who deserves a chance at life more than this scum. Shame we can't just move troops in and sort them out. Use them for target practice by the SAS. That would be great, then honest, hardworking people who enjoy the game could go along in safety and we wouldn't be paying a fortune sorting out these wankers mess.

  7. Mate of mine who’s soft as shite likes football and says going to a match is great as it’s the only time you can threaten to kill someone and get away with it. Doesn’t sell it to me to be honest.

  8. Russian hooligans arrange to meet up in forests where no cops are gonna turn up and stop anything. They take first aid kits and bottles of water and stuff, loads of them do mma training aswell. I expect they'd probably beat shit out of our football firms from England.

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