France24 footage on KIRO'O Games


Report on the Studio KIRO’O Games in Cameroon on France24 channel in English

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7 thoughts on “France24 footage on KIRO'O Games

  1. I hope this is hugely successful.  It could lead to more games, from KIRO'O and from others.  A full-on gaming industry could spread throughout Cameroon and then to other parts of Africa.
    Just look at how enriched gaming was by the participation of Asians.  I have no reason to think that the addition of Africans will be any less enriching.

  2. Sign me up for this. I would love to see a fighting game with all African characters. I've been playing street fighter since the early 90's and it's my go to fight game still. All African video game players should support this when it comes out.
    I'm making sure all my other African folks and friends support this.

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