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  1. * President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday ordering federal agencies to strengthen the resiliency of critical American infrastructure against electromagnetic-pulse attacks.
    * The order is the "first ever to establish a comprehensive policy to improve resilience to EMPs," White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.
    * The EMP threat has been a hotly debated point, with some arguing it is an existential threat, while others believe it to be a conspiracy theory


  2. Is this sponsored by the CFR or military? This is just another propaganda video trying to teach people to be afraid. Much of the science is accurate but the geopolitics and the drama is just fantasy.

  3. They are actually lowballing the fatalities. We lose the 600,000 ventilator dependent people pretty much immediately. If we lose power, everyone on hemodialysis — roughly 450,000 people — are dead in a week. 29 million people are diabetics in the US — of that, those who need insulin daily would be dead within 30 days after their insulin runs out. People who need blood pressure meds — ditto. Everyone with mental illnesses well controlled by meds — have breaks, psychotic episodes, become suicidal, homicidal, catatonic, etc, depending on their disease when their meds run out. Addicts will go into withdrawal without any medications to help control the symptoms—and 1/3 of people who go “cold turkey” die. Women who need a c-section to safely deliver their child, or a severely preterm infant — all gone. There will be millions of bodies that will need to be buried, and buried quickly — and it will have to be done by hand. These documentaries always show people who are young and healthy. That’s not the reality.

  4. 40 million custom made and sized transformers exist in america. We dont make those here anymore so even sourcing replacements is near impossible in a grid down situaiton. It would cost 15 trillion dollars to rebuild the grid and that does not include anything else like computers cars trucks planes ect. it would literally kill two thirds of the us population in a year or less.

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