Mhammed Zahid Gul in live with BBC Arabic from istanbul

المحلل السياسي محمد زاهد غول من اسطنبول في بث مباشر مع قناة البي بي سي 23.10.2014 source

What the UNITED STATES thinks of EUROPE (by Aleix Saló)

The ebook “EuroNightmare” is available now: Book-trailer credits: Illustrations and script: Aleix Saló ( ) Animation: Àlex Roca and Oleguer Roca from Estudi Quarantados ( ) Audio: … Read More

Russia's Mystery Files | National Geographic UK

The Dyatlov Pass Incident: Many years ago, a party of explorers was found dead in the Urals of Russia. What happened to this group of explorers in the Ural Mountains? … Read More

Asian Pacific America with Robert Handa featuring the Aga Khan Foundation USA (10/19/14)

Asif Makhani & Shanila Sayani of the Aga Khan Foundation USA talk about the organization and the Partnership Walk/Run source

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