Ballet Class Music for Barre and Center Practice Also iTunes: Listening samples for all selections from Robert long’s first album, Ballet Class Music: Ballet Etudes. Want to hear complete selections? Visit and click on album cover. After 15 years, this album of music for ballet class is still popular (released Spring, 2000). Selection descriptions and suggestions are available at For testimonials from ballet teachers, dance studio owners and students, visit


7 thoughts on “Ballet Class Music for Barre and Center Practice

  1. Hi Robert, your ballet music is perfect, but I can't seem to get the counts right on either plie track. Please can you advise if the tracks are designed for plies in all foot positions 1st to 5th, including for degage, camber etc?

    Thanks. X

  2. Could we all just relax a little bit here? The purpose of my youtube videos (I have two more for my two other other albums) is to let prospective buyers to listen to samples of my music and decide FOR THEMSELVES.

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