10 thoughts on “BBC Learning English: Video Words in the News: Ho ho ho! (18th December 2013)

  1. Spare a thought for this man from Rovaniemi in Finland . While many are on their Christmas holidays , Santa Claus and his team will be working overtime . In the main post office , the year's most hectic period is underway . They receive around half a million letters from children all over the world . They have to be answered and the team wants to avoid a backlog . And if you've been good this year , he might just be heading your way .

  2. Spare a thought for me guys,I'll be in charge of placing all the Christmas decorations in my house this year,my mom has ordered me to do it,what a hectic work but there's no other way than obeying her XD so I must do it as soon as possible to avoid a backlog.I'll keep you posted.  

  3. Spare  a thought for the homeless and for the old people . It is cold outside or raining .and it is late of the night, they are working overtime, hectically,and they are looking  for a shelter   for  the night . Probably they are heading to the tube, where they can avoid the wet and cold night .    Tomorrow is any bodies guess !  Once.they had had Santa Clause came and dropped their Christmas gift a long time ago.  

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