16 thoughts on “BBC Learning English: Video Words in the News: Shark-proof divers (31 July 2013)

  1. I think after presenting new words and phrases, you should explain what they mean so that I don't have to look up all these words in the dictionary, which might take a lot of time.

  2. Amazingly I keep on telling my students that they should go and try stuff like BBC Learning English to help improve their skills in the language, but… I doubt any 2% of them follow these and other suggestions I give them. They keep frustrated as they don't see any quick(magic is what they want) results and I feel frustrated as well for the lack of serious effort from most of them.

  3. Few would  want to end up in the jaws of a hungry shark . So , how to avoid becoming fish food ? Two Australian businessmen have designed wetsuits which they say are shark-repellent . This blue and white model might help divers to blend in ; the black and white version may make the creature think they are unsafe to eat . The research follow a spate of attacks .

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