The Flatmates episode 181, from BBC Learning English

Tim is giving Khalid a tour of his parents’ farm. How will Khalid react when Tim suggests he milk their cow, Bessie? Find out more in episode 181 – A tour of the farm – from BBC Learning English.


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  1. The Flatmates Episode 181

    7” Tim: I said… It’s time for you to see where your food comes from.
    11” Khalid: Do I have to?
    12” Tim: Of course you do. Come on!
    15” Khalid: OK then. Lead the way Tim!
    18” Tim: So this is where we keep the chickens. Want to see if there are any eggs ready?
    23” Khalid: Not really. Why don’t you look?
    26” Tim: We’re too late for then now. Dad was out ages ago getting the fresh ones.
    30” Khalid: Eh, tomorrow then?

  2. 32” Tim: I’ll hold you to that. Want to meet Bessie?
    35” Khalid: Who’s that?
    36” Tim: The cow you’re going to milk later.
    38” Khalid: No change, no way!
    41” Tim: Come on Khalid. What’s the point of coming to a farm if you’re not going to have a go at farming?

    Will Khalid help with the milking?

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