The Flatmates episode 165, from BBC Learning English

Back at the cafe, Tim decides that he’d like to help Jack in the kitchen to make them more of a team. But for how long will he be able to cope with some hard work? Find out more in episode 165 – Teamwork – from BBC Learning English.


4 thoughts on “The Flatmates episode 165, from BBC Learning English

  1. Another great video! Teamwork is also important in learning English, or any language. I talk to my friends in Japanese, so I can speak it well now. Viewers should try to speak in English with their friends!

  2. Some question to English native speakers:
    Here the word "spuds" is used in place of potatoes. It's the first time I find this word. Do you use it usually?.

    And there are two phrases that need some more explanation, because literally translated the meaning is lost: "It could make us more of a team".

    And " Keep up the good work!"

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