France 24 Autolib Interview (English Version)

France24 had a feature on Paris’ electric car hire system called the Autolib ( and they interviwed me, being one of the earliest users.


2 thoughts on “France 24 Autolib Interview (English Version)

  1. Bobby – a question or 2 re your test of the Bluecar from me Paul G. editor of EVUK Electric Vehicles UK campaign/info site est. 1999
    – have you tested the full 250 km range yet ?
    – so far this year not one English-language TV station apart from France24 has tested / reported on the Bluecar. What would you say to them to persuade them to get to Paris and break the 2012 silence ??
    – with subscription it´s inexpensive – agreed?

  2. Hi. Here are my answers:

    -No, I haven't tested the full 250km range yet. I only use it for quick trips.
    -There aren't too many English TV stations here in France, but I think the French TV stations have done features on it.
    -It is quite pricey even with a subscription.

    Hope that helps 🙂

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