Diving with Whales | Nat Geo Live

Brian Skerry braves the waters of the Antarctic for a very up-close view of the right whale.
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Diving with Whales | Nat Geo Live

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33 thoughts on “Diving with Whales | Nat Geo Live

  1. That's so fucking cool. People talk a lot about finding your passion, but I don't care much about most things. But I would love to swim with whales. I mean, so many people live such mundane lives or let other people dictate their lives for them. If you asked me when I was a kid what I wanted to do when I grew up, I would say this, along with flying a spaceship and making movies.

  2. Extraordinary moment…animals have souls to. It's always intriguing to me when animals and humans have bonds that are unexplainable. Almost has if everything is telepathic through each others minds

  3. I remember seeing footage of this when the diver actually gave him a pat and a scratch on the top of his eye, the whale gently nuzzled him along ocean floor I can't find the footage now, can anyone send the link?

  4. The right whales now face extinction..Very sad sad news!!!!😢 boats have been hitting them something terrible..Its awful being alive at a time where so many species are vanishing because of HUMANS, and their destructive ways which are causing a 6th EXTINCTION. Makes me very much dislike being human!!!

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