34 thoughts on “The History of Capital Punishment in the United States

  1. Personally, I am pro-capital punishment, but if we do outlaw it I think we should put people who commit such crimes as child abuse, murder, animal abuse, rape, and human trafficking in a tiny 2x2x7 foot cell in the dark for a prolonged period of time with a meal a day or something like that.

  2. I saw a documentary about a man wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife (his conviction was due to the DA refusing to share evidence that proved without a doubt he was inocent thanks to eye witnesses, evidence found at the scene, etc). He initially was sentenced to life.

    In an interview he said he was thankful it wasnt a capital crime or else he wouldve been executed before the truth came out.

    I dont like the death penalty because of the fact there is the chance the person is inocent. Also is an eye for an eye proper? There have been very few I thought deserved it but most of the time I disagree

  3. So explain this. Why should someone who brutally murders another person get to sit in prison for the rest of their lives? They too should be killed. No one wants to pay money to keep them alive…

  4. Well gary…today you can get the death penalty ( defacto a sentence with no time limit up to 100 years ) until ypu commit suicide for a crime you have yet not commited. No courts needed. No real sentence. Thats cracy…someone who dislikes you calls you a woman molestor. They lock ypu in and 4 years later they find a bloody cell and a suicide victim …that is YOU. Now think about that…that is the reality of america today.

    200 year in prison if you have violent illegal porn in your phone…serious stuff I know…bit still.. 20 yrs behind bars if ypu spray a stop sign. Life in prison if you steal an apple 3 times …the list just goes on in eternity…750 dollars for text message whole driving was the most sane thing I could find in utah. Americans are not free. There are 10 million laws that you need to follow and 1300 counties and 50 states with their own laws. No man can remember more than 50-100 laws correctly…but us citizens are prisoners in their own country risking their life everytime they travel 5 miles from home. 10 percent of the population is behind bars and its jist a lottery of tiu end up their the next time taking a cigarette on the wrong place or honking on a civilan cop…any day your life can be over. Slaves under too many and too harsh laws. America the land of the fr…slaves

  5. Some convicted murderers (men and women) have asked for the death penalty nothwithstanding the objections of their families and/ or lawyers. Some have terminated the appeal process prematurely.There are inmates who have attempted suicide because they did not wish to live in a tiny, hell-hole cell for the duration of their lives.ON another subject, it has been shown that the homicide rate is higher in some death penalty states than non-death penalty states. Where is the effectiveness or deterent? There are so many issues and facts that, in my view, warrant a re-assessement of capital punishment period! Please feel free to debate any of the aforementioned arguements.I strongly believe they are all valid points people!!

  6. This video implies that burning and breaking on the wheel were employed in England and the English colonies, in the 17th century.  That was not the case.  Only hanging, and sometimes, beheading, were used.

  7. In the USA and the UK and in other countries people were executed for crimes they had not commited. After the death penalty was abolished people were still send to prison for crimes they had not committed but in those cases it was possible to rectify the verdict because they were still alive and they would not have been if the death penalty would still have been in place. Also after the discovery of DNA people who were wrongly convicted could be released from prison. That is why I am against the death penalty.

  8. The US Needs To Stop Paying Billions Killing These Fucks Hire Me. Shit I Will Throw The Switch For $100 A Flip Save Billions And Only Spend A Few Grand A Year With Me. 🙂 Ill Help Us Tax Payers

  9. God created this world for us to live life not to kill each other it is very cruel to kill for killing. If your going to kill people for killing people put a gun to their head and make it quick don't watch them suffer.


    JUDGE: "You have broken the innocence of a child forever. What do you have to say in your defense?"

    PEDOPHILE: I couldn't help it. I just happen to be attracted to her. I didn't mean to hurt her.

    Judge gives the order to give psychiatric therapy to the pedophile for help

    Pedophile was released on probation

    PEDOPHILE: spoke in his own thoughts (Hahahaha!, How lenient they are. They aren't serious are they?)

    some time later, he sexually abuses another child with pride

    •More children are abused.
    •Pedophiles are not much seen as too dangerous to be kept alive.
    •Precious time wasted on pedophiles by babysitting them.
    •Tax dollars are wasted away for jail and therapy for pedophiles instead of conserving them.
    •Pedophiles took vacant jobs and homes from good people leaving them a chance of being unfortunately homeless.
    •Pedophiles are taking space and life like garbage that has not been cleaned from the trash can.
    •Pedophiles are taking our food and supply they don't deserve.
    •More kids may have psychological problems after being abused.
    •Kids may never experience happiness again.

    •Worst of all, it's a big "Fuck You" to the entire humanity.

    [THE END] ☹️😣

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