Spencer Wells: The Human Journey | Nat Geo Live

Nat Geo Explorer-in-Residence Spencer Wells maps the history of human migration by analyzing the DNA of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.
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Spencer Wells: The Human Journey | Nat Geo Live

National Geographic


40 thoughts on “Spencer Wells: The Human Journey | Nat Geo Live

  1. I'm glad he/they're doing this. I bet it will be very important in the future. He insinuates that it's not very useful right now, and still doing all of this work because the power of huge amounts of data will be great. Especially in the future.

  2. Absolutely fascinating work, this project has great work in historical, academic as well as social responsibiltiy and awareness! I am absolutley astounded at this project, and think more like this is very important to our cultural understanding as well as scientific knowledge. Great work!

  3. You know I would think the plights of Obama cares action with Obama Appointed FDA Margaret Hamburg, 2009 backed the use of mercury used in dental work known as Amalgam
    , Notes: those “silver fillings” aren’t silver. They are mainly mercury …I would say the hike and spikes of the changes he speaks of will happen more & be worse as like the increase of say Autism

  4. Calling any "idiot" says who is the real "idiot".
    B.T.W Why don't you send your suggestion to Spencer Wells, where to find the many tribes in India? If you are serious he would listen to you.

  5. interesting theoretical idea you have… but not impressive. TRY AGAIN… maybe you should keep looking up more of your ideas in google, its where you get your "knowledge" from anyways (HAHA!!).

  6. Yeah. My daddy thought his great-grandma was a "Cherokee princess" Turns out, the Cherokee never had a royal family. Cherokee princess was a derogatory term for a half-black woman

  7. Evolution, a theory of fossils that Chucky made up because he hasn't proven it (pun intended), instead he came up with crazy ideas. There's no clear blood or DNA results from fossils to prove the closeness. All they have is carbon dating going back to millions of years, and YET, Mr. Wells has proven otherwise using DNA (far more scientific results than carbon dating).

  8. Excellent presentation, the problem I have is this MIGRATION myth. that people have walked across a land bridge N passage bering strait, the problem is that people nor animals just do not walk/fly/swim in to the oblivion, animals migrate yes, but it is always the same path THEY BASICALLY LIVE IN TWO places. Many and many animals have died OUT , YET NONE HAVE MIGRATED , Humans even today live in flood zones, earthquake zones, volcano zones, swamp zones, high altitude zones, tsunami avalanche zones, hurricane/typhoon zones, YET NO MIGRATION. Species just die out, species do not adopt neither in the sense, the science presents this issue. (A HYPOTETUCALSCENARIO)  for example In  a large zebra herd  on a closer look we could see that NOT ALL ZEBRAS are the same, some are smaller, some like taller grass, some shorter, some like it more juicy, some more dry, as the conditions changing, the grass that is the most available will favor zebras that particular have thrived on it all ready, if this persists, in time we see that most if not all zebras have vanished, ACCEPT the one favored to that PARTICULAR condition, SO NO ADOPTATION, NO MIGRATION really can be considered for the dispersal and adaptation OF ANY SPECIES,

  9. Why this Bering strait migration is so unreal to me.Say it happened, people from the N that were already well acclimated to thrive in these harsh N European climates have one day wondered across this UNKNOW land  **The Bering Strait** and in time have populated Americas, what is strange that by the times the Europeans have arrived with Columbus and all, this NEW continent had ALREADY MORE POEPLE than the continent they supposedly COME FROM IN THE FIRST PLACE, How is that possible ?? se second issue is, how would these NORTHEN people end up in the JUNGLES, we were always thought that, people throughout they existence of evolution have WALKED from Jungles to the open savannas, and NOT the other way around !!,  people from N- would end up thriving and acclimate in a steamy hot JUNGLESS ??, so these two issues alone, are still not to clear ,LEAST NOT TO ME.

  10. In minute 8:24, i notice in that map when an ancient ancestors of Australian Aborigines, Papuans, Eastern Indonesian in the South Eurasia and Native Siberian, Manchu (Aishin Gioro Clan) – Tungusic, Mongolian (Genghis Khan), The Kazakhs, etc in the Northeast Eurasia share a same ancestors who have a Y DNA Haplogroup C*-M130 from Paternal Side and Mitochondrial Haplogroups M*, M7, M8, CZ, C, Z , M9, E, M11, G, etc. They ancestors seems when they're separate to the others region to the Southern and Northern Asia Pasific in Indochina or Southern China. Give them a different Uniparental DNA Haplogroup than an Indonesian Malay and the Han Chinese Y DNA Haplogroup O*-M175 (O1-M119 and O2a-M95 for Indonesians and Austroasiatic Male and O3-M122, M134 and M117 for Han Chinese Male) from Paternal Side and mtDNA Hg M7, M8, CZ, C, Z, D, M9, M11, G from Maternal Side.

  11. Extinction is just another part of evolution. Nature cares for survival of the fittest. Nothing else. Why subsidize a group that can't keep up? The Great Permian extinction wiped out 96% of species worldwide. And this opened the door to the Dinosaurs. When they went extinct, that opened the door to mammals and humans. When one door closes, another opens.

  12. LAIR, LAIR everything lies
    @Spencer Wells we are from Tamil civilization
    we are from lost continent with an ancient Tamil civilization, located south of present-day India, in the Indian Ocean. Alternative name and spellings include Kumarikkantam and Kumari Nadu.

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