42 thoughts on “With President Obama's Birth Certificate, Klansman Trump Reminds Blacks They Will Never Be American

  1. And he's limiting women's right to choose to smoke medical marijuana. Something they choose to put in their own body. Sick ppl that would rather use medical marijuana than use a dangerous drug. Obama has done 4 times more DEA raids than Bush did in 8 years on medical marijuana operations in states where it's legal. He promised before he was in office he wouldn't do that.

  2. well it is the same bs man i feel you go obama. seriously white ppl are just ignorant at times i mean look this country is going like shit because we aint getting along with each other doesnt matter of the color but the will and heart of somebody bet anything if it was a american-mexican pres. it would of being the same shit. govt is just bs they just want money 4 the rich and powerful look my family being here for 300 years and they called me illegal lmao. everyone is illegal bro thats america

  3. This has nothing to do with "blacks". The president could be a Hispanic and Donald would be the same attention seeker. The number one reason Donald made the announcement is to increase his tweet popularity wich he spends a lot a time on. He can't even pass the popularity of some runners up on American Idol. 2nd reason he is attacking the president is that most billionaires in his social circle are angry that they are going to have to mold their companies around tax increases & reformed policies.

  4. Who cares about Donald. America needs to focus on another 4 years of spending 5 trillion dollars. Can you imagine doubling our debt doubling in less than 8 years to over 20 trillion dollar. With hyper inflation around the corner, another 5 trillion in debt will have a strangling hold on a inspired, dream driven idea we call America

  5. I know this vid is old, and this issue has grown stale, but I just have to chime in on this one. I don't like Trump. I support Obama. But this whole thing is Obama's fault. Presidents should fully disclose their birth records, tax history, college and/or military records. There should also be a criminal background check. Every since I've been politically aware (Reagan Era), I thought that was important. Our presidents must be transparent. And Americans have the right to vet their leaders.

  6. Thank you brother for your eloquent and genuine words. My heart aches for our ancestors, for what Barack has had to go through in his quest to make this entire country a better place. Karma is inevitable. Our ancestors are not asleep. Ase.

  7. You sir, are the real racist. If white people had ever displayed the open and constant racial hatred that you and your "community" display on a daily bases I may have sympathy for your claims. The well is beginning to dry up, and sooner than later your cries of racism are going to mean nothing. Why? Because you guys cry wolf over anything that you don't like, things don't go your way, its racism. Look at all this country has done for you, and yet you can't see past your own racist nose. Pathetic

  8. People actually believe that Americans would let a non American get the highest office. None of those clowns know the amount of hassle you need to do through to get even a visa

  9. facts are that the date stamp used was a cut stamp. they don't use cut stamps . they cut the stamp to fabricate the year they needed 2 stamps to act as 1. it was forensics that confirmed the facts. his name is barry soetoro of Kenya. he does not have a real u.s. b cert. Also did you say the klan? serious? why are u worried about some small group of retards and not the cloud of enslavement over all of humanity right now. also it wasn't trump that brought the issue. it was sherrif joe arpaio

  10. This video here was uploaded too fast, on April 27 of 2011 hundreds of videos uploaded Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate as 100% fraud, nothing to do with racism or whatever, I myself voted for Obama in 2008, why people voted  for him twice bits me. So Donald Trump has been right all the time, life is not easy to live.

  11. I'm thinking the next President, if he/she is white (odds are probably will be), should say in his/her first speech as President: "Before the formal request is made of me, I felt that NOW would be a good time to present the American people with my authentic long-form birth certificate, PROVING that I am worthy of this high office, in keeping with a tradition recently established in the first term of our previous President…" yadda, yadda, yadda. It might get some people to see how some people really are treated differently because of their race or name origin, etc. Probably not, but I can dream.
    Also, even though the clown-child shouldn't get the attention (and this would be sinking to his level), I would like to see a concerted effort to throw doubt on Trump's American citizenship. After all… his Grandparents immigrated from Germany (changing the family name from Drumpf to Trump). His first wife Ivana was Czech, his current wife Melania is Slovenian. His second child is named Ivanka. That's a lot of 'funny names', there. It's looking to me like he has some serious ties overseas, mostly to Eastern Europe. You know, I don't believe he's REEEALLY from here. He just doesn't FEEL American to me… (god knows, I wish he weren't)
    I know I'm late to the party, but I just stumbled on this and had to comment. Happy lunar new year to whoever reads this. 🙂

  12. l find lt lnteresting how DONALD TRUMP Doesn't say anything about CANADlAN Born lMMlGRANT TED CRUZ Running for POTUS……………………………………BARACK OBAMA ls a USA CITIZEN.

  13. I feel your sorrow and sadness. Watching this video is as difficult today as it was five years ago.
    I am utterly disgusted and ashamed that trunp, a low-life privileged know-nothing, has continued to punk this country.

  14. Beautifully said, and as timely now as it ever was. Here's one middle-aged suburban white man who felt it an honor and a privilege to see Barack Obama as our President, who celebrated with his fiancee at President Obama's inauguration, felt the same white-hot anger that a carnival barker could debase our President like that, and is going to very sorely miss President Obama.

    Some of us know decency and always have. And thank heavens, not all of us are Trump supporters now that he's running for President.

  15. I reposted this video in 2011 and rewatched it today. It is more relevant today than ever. It is still hard to believe that Trump is sitting in the highest office in the land.

    Thank you for speaking truth to power.

  16. You do know that former president Obama is half white, and was raised by White's, and hung out with white people, and still does to this day.. Ben Carson is more black than Obama will ever be.. matter of fact I'm more black than Obama…

  17. All the negative coverage of President Trump by the liberal media has not stopped him from jumping up to a 45 percent approval rating in a new poll.And while his critics may pan the number as not so significant, Trump actually has a better rating than Presidents Obama and Reagan at the same point in their presidencies

  18. Baratunde……You cursed Donald Trump and basically WHITE people and what happened when you start to rant your #Hatred toward the white man……..? DONALD TRUMP wins 2016(he has the last laugh now…!)

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