Without Polygamy, Somali Bantu Wives Scrape by in USA

Lewiston, Maine has become home to a group of Somali refugee women, most of whom are second and third wives from polygamous marriages.
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35 thoughts on “Without Polygamy, Somali Bantu Wives Scrape by in USA

  1. I live in Lewiston and I’m white. It doesn’t matter if your white,black,green,Jewish, or Muslim we should all want peace for everyone and if you don’t want that then you are part of the problem. I grew up in a Maine town and all we had was one black student it wasn’t diverse at all. My son now goes with a bunch of different people and seeing that innocence between children.they never see color or religious preferences they just have fun and get along. It’s the perfect mind set. If you are from Lewiston they you know the tension is there. It needs to stop and peace needs to overcome everything. America is built of immigrants and now more so then ever. America has the chance to come together and do something special. Let’s all become one.

  2. Somali Bantu AKA Jareer Soomaali are an ethnic minority in Somalia who are descendants of Enslaved bantu and Nilotic East Afticans that were brought in during tge Arab skave trade and were later on emancipated by the Italian colonisers. They can either a local dialect of Somali or some Somali-ancestral bantu creole as a first language depending on their situation.

    Jareer people take pride in their own heritage (that why introduce themselves as Beesha Jareerweyne when addressing other Somali communities) and some of them even resettled in their ancestral homeland of Tanzania and Mozambique after the civil and are slowly trying to recover from the 400 year long trauma that is Somali people.

    Don't try and take away their identity from them just cos you unconditionally with their reality. 🙄

  3. Ninkaaga haddii uu kaa tago shaleedaa ilmo ma korin kartid. Ki rafaadaase.
    Marka hore nin feyla guursoy ee Ilaahay ka obsadow, xaqa xaaskiisa iyo ilmihiisa kasaaya.
    Gabdhaha nimanka been beenta u sheegaaya oo qayro masuula in guursatoy. Bari markii bilaan koo weesho koo tabee. Adina shaleedaa ilmaha la rafaadaase. Ameerika nolosheeda ma sahlana qaali waa. Luqad ki dhibaase, baabuura in baahantaa.

  4. Lol somali people are fucking dumb, arab and italian fucked their mind. They tried to do the same thing in Rwanda/Burundi between utu and tutsi… 🙄 When african will understand ???

  5. wow. maybe the way Somalia is now is karma for the way we treated our minorities.
    heartbreaking. somali Bantus are better ppl than the rest of Somalis.

  6. Arent these being masscred by tge Somalis in jubbaland how come you are not there donating to them if you love them so much go do something for them words are nothing actions determines things and siyad bare even forced them to go fight in hargeysa without their will and suffered alot by the somalis in the south during the civil war secondly you dont even inter marry with them in somalia oooh somalis another constant fake cries

  7. We don't have polygamy in America North should we allow these third-world unschooled uneducated people here that practice that. Round them all up and send them back to the shithole countries that that they left. All Muslims bring with them is the devil. They bring rate murder beheading setting people of fire acid attacks and nothing good. These people think they are going to convert kill or conquer Americans. So send a sorry-ass is back to where they came from. These evil Satan worshipping Muslims did not come here to assimilate but to conquer kill and destroy. Anything that comes out of their mouth is a lie. Taqiyya Taqiyya Taqiyya. Is all you get out of these lying ass satan-worshiping African muslims. No need for any of these people to be in America.

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