Donald Trump in Combative Exchange with Reporter over Obama Birth Certificate

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4/19/11 – Here is video from this morning of Donald Trump getting into a combative exchange with ABC News’ – and former Clinton White House official – George Stephanopoulos over the issue of President Obama’s Birth Certificate. At one point, Trump told him “you’ve been co-opted by Obama and his minions.”


43 thoughts on “Donald Trump in Combative Exchange with Reporter over Obama Birth Certificate

  1. @Bolgernow Sure…..we will see there big boy. I have numerous friends in real estate and none of them hold your position. Of course, you're a self proclaimed expert in numerous fields, so you would know. Keep the SPIN going.

  2. @IslamISsick1 You're a dumbass.

    Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy 3 times with his company, and has demonstrated his Dictator values within his company. There is no way in hell that this biggot should even come close too becoming president. This is why the United States of America is so fucked up, because we have a bunch of extremist pushing stupid ass shit down the peoples throats. Republicans are just as close minded as Dems, and cover up their fraud and bullshit with Christian values.

  3. @ub30f you didn't site which specific part states your claim, you IGNORED IT, then used an Argument to Authority fallacy. Expert? Not at all. I know what i know, & try learn things every day, but I don't state things as facts that aren't true. You did, then when politely asked to site where in the acts it states your irrational lie, you can't. Trump is an sad turd stoking the fires of ignorance & racial hate. Shove off troll!

  4. @Bolgernow When all else fails try race and personal attacks. LOL Get ready AmeriKA to pay more in taxes. Oh, did I happen to mention the increasing deficit. Please tell how Obama is going to tackle that one? What about the US credit rating? How about the lower GDP outlook today? Have you figured out yet why gold and silver are rising almost every day? Look beyond the obvious if you can.

  5. @Bolgernow Remember this coomment you made –
    "Our defict was 8.2 trillion in Jan 2007 when Dems took it over. In two years it went๏ปฟ up to 11.1 trillon, still about 2.5 trillion less each year, then under the Bush years of control…"

    WOW, now there is some fantastic logic. What is the deficit today? Oh, I know, if Bush was bad for running up a deficit then it should be ok for Obama. I can see why you are unsuccessful and need government help.

  6. I thought I like Donald Trump, I mean respected him. But, this segment was really troubling to me! He looked like it was clearly a political device he was using to gain points. I think he had a really positive image and I was really interested in what his platform would be till this! How can I trust anything else he has to say after not respecting what the state department excepts??? Or whats worse, and more troubling, is that he actually believes what he's saying and doesnt see the fallicy

  7. @iyot34 put the crack pipe down please.
    Donald (His Royal Hairness) Trump is "a New York icon."
    Just like the hookers in Times Square.
    And rats in the subway.

  8. Donald Trump is a liar, he never sent any investigators to Hawaii and that's Stephanopoulos was asking Trump the question CBS, ABC, and NBC had checked to see if Donald's Investigators where down there The state of Hawaii said no one from Trumps Camp was asking. Donald Trump is also a Prejudice Racist who has never had a good relationship with the "Blacks" unquote. The Republican Party/Tea Party are all so pissed off that a black man is President they wished the south had won the Civil War.

  9. blab, blab, blab, theses guys should win OSCARS for their performances, ANYONE with half a brain knows that Oblab blab and the birth certificate are BOTH a FRAUD! Oblab balb will go down as the BIGGEST FRAUD IN AMERICAN HISTORY!!

  10. Could be. But at least us ignorant retards know how to use the proper form of THAN and the fact that 'YOURSELF' is one fucking word.

    Obama's background was put under the same investigation that all senators and presidents have to deal with when they take office. Trump is a fucking punchline, and you're a fuggin reeetawd if you back him.

  11. First people grammar police when they know they are and have no other alternative. Secondly your a minority for a reason, And that is you are wrong now STFU and have a nice day (=

  12. People grammar police on the obvious when jagoffs like yourself making GLARING mistakes. And the minority opinion here is Trump's itself, why the fuck do you think he didn't pursue the GOP nomination??

    Love the Youtube battles. Keep throwin 'em up there moron, I'd love to completely annihilate any future nuggets you might want to try to use here..

  13. Trump dodges the questions here in this interview because he doesn't have anything solid to reply with, kinda like how you're replying on this little youtube fight. He's a fucking joke, and if you don't know it, you're the fucking problem.

  14. Haha yeah, like the part when he said, "George…George…next question George…George…George…You've been Co-Opted". Yeah man he really laid out his insight on him there.

    He was asked what they found and he couldn't say anything because they didn't find shit. This is awesome, I've successfully come into contact with a human wall.

  15. Do you seriously think I'm not trolling you? I fuckin told you earlier I love youtube battles. And you're right, there's a dumbass lookin' right at you in the mirror.

    I win. Thanks!

  16. That fucking idiot walked right into Obama's trap. Obama waited just long enough on releasing the long form birth certificate to make assclowns like Trump look like fucking idiots. Good for Obama! I would have done the same to those racist cocksuckers.

  17. As long as the lame stream media which includes Fox News keep covering for the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama he will remain in office . The lame stream media knows barack hussein obama is a fraud but they have to much invested to ever tell the truth . Remember the media is suppose to be the watch dog for "We the People" and not the lap dog of an illegal sitting US President .

  18. All has been proven Obama was born in Hawaii as if it made a difference from heaven to high waters to anyone else.๐Ÿ˜’ It was only important to The Orange one. ๐ŸŒFor whatever reasons. Who knows? No one knows what lerks in the mind of a Socialpath? ๐Ÿ˜ฒ He got his proof & he still acts like an A*s!! ๐ŸŽ A Big Lyin' one at that! He's so obsessed with Obama,…๐Ÿ’• I believe he wants to be him! ๐Ÿค”Mmmm! Yep! That's it! ๐Ÿ™Œ

  19. I have a copy of Obama's real B.C. WITH FOOTPRINTS, and it is from Kenya. I also have a photo of his student body card from Columbia University on my page, and he is listed as a FOREIGN STUDENT.

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