Ferrari 458 vs Ferrari 430 | Top Gear | BBC

Jeremy borrows James’ Ferrari 430 for a drag race against the new £170,000 Ferrari 458. But how will the 458 handle round the track with the Stig behind the wheel?

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48 thoughts on “Ferrari 458 vs Ferrari 430 | Top Gear | BBC

  1. I'll be honest with you all I saw the review of the 488 Pista on the new top gear it was good I really liked it then I see this again and it's full of chaos and hyper Insanity but you know what Clarkson Era was the one I'd pick any day. I fantasies about cars and shit talk other cars (that are acctuly better than Ferrari) but that's all cause I'm passionate about them like crazy to the point of obsession. The new top gear doesn't let me have that now sure I've probably only seen a couple hour's worth of it but it feels like a show made by guy's who obviously know about cars but were born with it I love the Ferrari but have you driven this new Lambo? Clarkson Richard are school girls next to fancy cars or they pretend very bloody well but they sell a show that makes me say this is my man for loving the same car I love. The new guy owns it and critiques it

  2. Good head-to-head – I've always though the F430 was much, much more attractive than the F458/488. The front end is so much nicer, whereas the F458/F488 have a kind of pinched, duck-beaky look that I never adjusted to(although their back ends are nicer than the slightly fat arse on the F430.).

  3. Seeing them side-by-side at 0:30 confirms it imo – the f430 is just so much more beautiful to look at. the 458 is angrier, and more aggressive, but 430 is just so gorgeously elegant. It's like Ferrari were inspired by Aston, whereas the 458 was inspired by a kitchen knife. And(unless you're mental) knives aren't generally considered beautiful.

  4. This particular episode has attained mythological proportions.
    WHY – the criticism of the 430 being slow. Little did we all know that the 458 would be the last normally aspirated, non turbo
    8 cylinder car.

    Aahh the days when Ferrari launched a model that would be considered new for at least 2 years.

    Ferrari Timeline – Since this episode we've had the:
    458 Italia
    488 Spyder
    488 Pista
    F8 Tributo – my current
    F8 Tributo Spyder
    SP90 Stradale with a V8 hybrid motor

    NOTE- as of September 2019 if you have ordered a new 488 Pista, F8 Tributo or SF90 Stradale you won't physically receive it until 2020.

    I m not even going to mention the Ferrari V12's.
    Again constant rumours if a " baby" Laferrari possibly being released in early 2020.

  5. The 360 is the more modern equivalent to the 348 and the 458 is the modern equivalent to the f355. They’re peaks of the era. The 488 has brought a new era

  6. For me, the 458 is a spoiled Ferrari. Because it did end the classic cultural move of small Naturally Aspirated V8 engines (now those are twin turbocharged for sake of the future like the 488). And also because is a step further than the most powerfull Ferrari before been reemplazed by a worst version of it witch hasn't got the name right

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