Santa Letterz on KUTV Channel 2, Utah

This is a news clip from Utah’s CBS affiliate KUTV 2 News This Morning. David Jones talks about the company and our efforts to help charities. source

South African Armed Robbery (Hi-Res CCTV)

1 minute he’s buying bread, the next he pulls a gat & starts robbing the entire supermarket with his buddies. Following a similar robbery a gang of 16 armed robbers … Read More

Medical Marijuana – Hemp: A Peaceful Solution: USA Hemp Museum

USA Hemp Museum presents great pictures of live hemp plants over Willie and Amy Nelson’s song, A PEACEFUL SOLUTION, performed by Amy Nelson and … source

Inside USA – Healthcare in USA – 18 July 08 Part 1

Healthcare in America, a slow-motion disaster with tens of millions unable to afford basic treatment.In one thousand rural counties, life expectancy is actually dropping. While presidential candidates promise change, free … Read More

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