Dave Allen on the Vagaries of the English Language

From Dave’s 1990 series on the BBC. I made some movie titles to explain the context.


31 thoughts on “Dave Allen on the Vagaries of the English Language

  1. He is a genius.
    I've lived in London for 25 years and never been called 'chum'.
    Alright mate on a daily basis.
    The only time I have heard the word chum is when someone is buying dog food.

  2. Great to see Dave is still with us through his many fans. In many of the following comments speculation is raised as to who is even remotely carrying on in his spirit in the field today. My answer might seem ridiculous at first glance–due to the very obvious differences in manner and context, etc–however, the more I think on it, in terms of Dave's spirit, his observational acuity & basic decency, the only possible contender is Data O' Briain. Not the TV/Mock stuff, obviously, but his live act. Two very different comedians separated by 50 years and culture and more, but they're both good eggs who respect their audiences and are sharp as hell. If only Dara would stop whoring for the Beeb, his inner Allen would really shine through.

  3. And these days nearly every other word a comedian says is a swear word. There is far to much swearing in modern so called comedy. They seem to think it makes it funnier. ..

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