Electric Football Classic Game – The Kickoff

Here is a series of plays showing an electric football game. We are showing offense and defense in this classic match up between the L.A. Rams vs Minnesota Vikings. This is old-school classic electric football. To see more of the game go to: www.footballoneoneon.com


20 thoughts on “Electric Football Classic Game – The Kickoff

  1. haha used to play this, the hockey game (we lost a couple of players and my dad cut a new one out of a coffee can), and the roger staubach monday night football game with my uncle and brother when i was a kid – good times

    thanks for the video

  2. That was great! That's also nothing like I remember the game, you had the guy running awesome! Until the 10, lol! I might get one of these just to goof on, it would be an interesting night with some friends and some drinks.

  3. Same here. I wasted many weeks trying to get them to run straight, bending the plastic "feet". LOL, Memories of the 70's as a kid. The table top hockey, now THAT was the bomb! Both the one with the men and the push rods and the wooden slap stick game, I was really good at both!

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